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Information about cancer
There is a lot of information about cancer treatment abroad, technologies as you see, are not claimed by "official medicine", in many countries you will not even open these articles and will not find them. A question "why"?!

The information for doctors

Information for doctors and oncology specialists: DNA photo and formula of compounds; laboratories with pipettes.

This anticancer preparation with low content of platinum is the pharmacology invention.

Anti-tumor preparations, containing complex platinum compounds, has strong anti-tumor activity, inducing disorder of tumor cells' genetic apparatus.

Platinum products have the wide range of anti-tumor activity. The most extensively studied substance is cis-dichlorodiamineplatinid (DDP) – works against tumors of various genesis: spontaneous, transplantable, induced with viruses and chemical carcinogens. The main disadvantage of DDP is its high toxicity, which leads to disfunction of kidneys, medulla and digestive tract (Biological aspects of coordination chemistry,ed.. K. B. Yatsimirsky. Kiev. "Naukova dumka". 1979, pages. 149-180).

Check studies of different platinum complexes with the help of animals and clinical trials of DDP and some analogue substances found out the variety in biological properties of platinum complexes: anti-tumor activity and side effect. It was proved, that insignificant changes in structure on the molecule of complex may induce their radical changes in biological activity. The connection between structure of complex compound and its anti-tumor activity stimulates study of new products containing platinum – highly-active and low-toxic at the same time.

The main goal of the invention is the discovery of anti-tumor preparation, including platinum compound in very low concentration and biologically active substances; the preparation, which can provide toxicity reduction and increasing of effectiveness of cancerous diseases treatment.

The problem is solved this way: together with the platinum compounds and sodium salts the preparation includes humic substances and water; sodium chloride is used as sodium salt.

This anticancer preparation is a combined one, containing inorganic substances (platinum compounds) and also organic ones (humic substances), biologically active components.

Organic components of the preparation - humic substances - appear as a family of complex natural compounds. Their origin is connected with hydrolytic disintegration of wood lignin. Humic acids – components of humic substances are active components of some pharmaceutical preparations from the biogenic stimulators group (for example, humisol, befungin and others). They are well known as the anti-tumor substances.

Solution of sodium chloride in water provides isotonicity of the preparation environment with the internal environment, which gives the possibility to administer the preparation, for instance, intramusculary.

Complex preparation, including the platinum salts and humic substances, demonstrates synergetic increasing of activity.

Ammonium salts of lignohumic acids are used as the platinum compounds, sodium salt is rational to use as the isotonic solution of sodium chloride.

Platinum content is 0,006-0,008 mg (for 1ml of preparation), that is much more less comparing to the known preparations. This way, toxic effect of the preparation is many times less, which is acceptable.

Content reduction of kalium tetrachloroplatinate reduces therapeutic effect. If the content of kalium platinate is more than the specified quantity, we can observe the reduction of stability of the complex; toxicity grows, and the therapeutic effect reduces.

The quantity of sodium chloride solution is defined in accordance of the preparation osmotic pressure with blood plasma osmotic pressure. Water is used as a dissolution medium.

Lignin, the forming part of wood, is a valuable drug raw material. Curative properties of lignin are covered thoroughly in monograph (Levanova V.P., Curative lingin. Ed. N. A. Belyakova.: SPb 1992, p. 136). Though lignin and preparations based on it were regarded in medicine as sorbents until now, many researchers found antiseptic, cholesterol-lowing and other properties besides the sorption ones.

Biocoordinator of the immune system reaction - intensifies responsiveness of the immune system.

The anti-cancer preparation influences in a certain way:

After inserting in organism the preparation goes to blood and has an effect on hypothalamus, that’s why the concentration of endorphines in blood, cerebrum tissues and cerebro-spinal fluid increases in 20 minutes. The endorphine is a universal regulator of homeostasis.

Growth of endorphine concentration inhibits the growth of tumor in blood, because of the effect on the opioid centres of cancer cells. Elevated concentration of endorphines lasts during several hours, increasing time of the anti-tumor action.

Besides, the anti-cancer preparation is able to induce ionophority, or Crown-effect, which offers the platinum ions the possibility to penetrate into the cells. The same effect provides the penetration of the humic substances, which are accumulating in the tumor tissue. Having enormous amount of donor-acceptor bonding, the inserting solution reacts with the nucleophilic centres of protein molecules, induces the process of bifunctional alkylation in genic apparatus of the tumor issue. Consequently DNA and RNA synthesis is broken, mitotic cycle and enzyme systems of cancerous cells are blocked, what brings them to ruin.

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