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Information about cancer
There is a lot of information about cancer treatment abroad, technologies as you see, are not claimed by "official medicine", in many countries you will not even open these articles and will not find them. A question "why"?!

Question - Answer

Anna, Israel
Question: What kinds of cancer is treated by the preparation “Platinus”?
Answer: The preparation “Platinus” shows good productivity at oncologic diseases of internal organs and a breast cancer. Efficiency of treatment is that the preparation operates immediately on cancer cells, instead of on all organism as a whole, as chemotherapy and many other preparations. The preparation “Platinus” struggles with a consequence of occurrence of formations, therefore the process of occurrence of a tumor is irreversible. Cells of our preparation in tens times more the size of cells of a cancer and by means of donorno-acceptor communications make influence on them. It is difficult to predict how quickly you will recover, the cancer is not prognosticated, and you know it. In any oncologic clinic nobody would give you guarantees. We can ascertain positive results which you will observe from the first days of reception of this preparation: improvement of state of health, appetite and dream restoration, the working capacity, anesthetizing effect (at pains).

Natalia, Rostov-on-Don
Question: I have places of injections aching, there appeared knobs. What should I do?
Answer: We advise to use vibro-acoustic apparatus "Vitaphon" and Unguentum Heparini. Ointments on the basis of a heparin resolve places of injections very well. It is important to prick into a correct place, to enter neither slowly nor quickly. We do not recommend to heat!

Question: Where is it possible to get the preparation "Platinus"?
Answer: “BiochimExpo” Limited Company is the unique company which distributes the preparations "Platinus" on the Russian territories. Dealers in all cities and the countries work under the trade mark and “BiochimExpo” Limited Company logo. The difficult system of coding has been developed to avoid fakes and keep patients under observation. Each patient receives the identification number which allows to observe the results of each patient and to conduct statistics. Check up your identification number you can through our website, by making inquiry through a dealer or independently. You can also send your requests and remarks to E-mail:
It is also possible to pre-order the preparations "Platinus", the advance payment is not required. In exceptional cases the inquiry is viewed individually.

Question: What is the price of the preparation "Platinus Р»?
Answer: The course of treatment makes at about from 2 860 euros up to 7 700 euros. (The price can be corrected, cost is specified for 2010). Cost for 100 ml of the preparation "Platinus Р» is 2 860 euros, thus the course of treatment is individual, it depends on a stage of disease, age of the patient and some other defining factors (diagnosis).

Question: What guarantee of recover?
Answer: There are positive results more than 200 persons for September, 2010, these are the people who were observed and who informed us about the results. The Preparation "Platinus Р» has shown fine results at a tumor of breast, prostate and uterus. If a patient has got an affected liver, then the preparation "Platinus Р» will not recover liver cells, but the general condition thus improves and prolongs life for some period. In many fields of oncology the preparation «Platinus Р» has not yet been studied and researches (for example, a brain tumor) are still conducted. Very often patients address to doctors at the advanced stage when the process in organism is already irreversible, in this case, the preparation releases pain and prolongs life.
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