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Mask for hair growth "Platinus V"


Do you wash your hair every day? We know this mask to be for you!

It normalizes the function of the follicle, improves the structure of hair and prevents hair loss. It neutralizes the effects of harmful substances contained in the shampoo, water and environment. It has a strong calming effect for itching, seborrhea. Hair stay clean longer.


·         It has a high biological activity

·         It has a strong calming effect for itching, seborrhea

·         The remedy exits from the skin of the head pollutants: chlorinated hydrocarbons, toxins, parabens, pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms, allergens, heavy metals and other harmful metabolites, normalizes the function of the follicle and enriches their plant-nutrient complex

·         The remedy has a strong regenerating action

·         Pectin is a part of the mask, it stimulates hair growth

·         It doesn’t contain alcohol, the composition is organic, non-addictive

·         allergic reactions have been identified, it hasn’t contraindications

·         Do not traumatize the skin of the head

·         The mask is dark brown color, with no pronounced odor

·         It allows you to remove the adverse effects of chlorinated and sea water

·         It’s the remedy for hair care too.

Using: put on wet hair once a month, and if you wash your hair every day – you can use more often, until after the greasiness. If you use nail polish, stabilizing foams, hair dye - use the mask once a week.

Shake the bottle and spread the mask on the skin of the head and the hair after washing. Use a polyethylene cap and leave on for 20-40 minutes, then thoroughly rinse with plenty of water. Conditioner may be put if it’s necessary.

An even greater effect of the mask can be achieved by combining the procedure with a bath or sauna. In this case should wear felt hat for a bath over the polyethylene cap. Combination treatments with steam bath or sauna allows to intensify the impact of the remedy on the problem areas and achieves a reduction in the time of the procedure up to 10-15 minutes. 

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