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Forgery detected on a solution for eyelashes Platinus and hair Platinus V.
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The solution for hair growth "Platinus V"


The solution for hair growth "Platinus V" and the mask for hair growth "Platinus V" help you to solve many problems. Pectin is a part of preparations, stimulates hair growth. The solution and the mask are suitable for men and women, have nonspecific chemisorption and detoxification action, normalize the follicle and the hair structure function.


  • It copes with the split ends of hair
  • It prevents the appearance of seborrhea and its consequences
  • It’s approved for using on bleached hair
  • The remedy doesn’t weigh down your hair, doesn’t make them greasy
  • It quickly soothes allergic and neurological itching
  • It has a strong regenerative effect and prevents hair loss
  • It solves the problem of hair electrostatic voltage
  • It does not affect the appearance of hair after drying
  • Without preservatives and parabens, no alcohol
  • It’s neutral solution and woody scent

Using: daily 2-4 times a day sprayed on the skin of head and hair, previously combed. Do not rinse and do not rub, allow to dry yourself. With a strong hair loss (alopecia), for weak and thin hair, with redness of the skin of head after coloring, with daily using of a hair dryer or curling styling, with dry, indicating a strong depletion of the scalp, use more often (4-8 times a day ).

With more repeated using the effectiveness in restoring hair increases. Wash your head as usual. When used Shake. To speed up the process of hair restoration is recommended once a week to make a mask for hair growth, "Platinus V". It’s easy and convenient to apply on the hair, without toning effect.

 At alopecia it is necessary to carry out the complex treatment of hair loss, including vitamins and head massage. The recovery process is carried out individually: in the beginning there is fluff, which gradually gives way to a healthy, strong hair.

ATTENTION: beware of imitations!.
Check the quality of labels. All labels have a metalized strip (copy protection)/

Advice for men: the alopecia. Before spraying the solution massage comb the whole head, especially the place of baldness. Take it for a rule, a head massage every day. According to our tests, after 4 to 6 months to appear unobtrusive fuzz.

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