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Sunscreen Gel VOM with SPF protection


For the skin around the eyes, face and body with different SPF from 10 to 50 degree of protection. The gel is suitable for sensitive skin, for intimate places and skin prone to allergies. Thanks to the helium-based it quickly penetrates and moisturizes the skin, not leaving stains on clothes. It protects skin from UV rays and increases the safe sun exposure. And it is recommended for those who prefer to sunbathe in the solarium. 


  • It’s quickly absorbed, leaves no oily sheen on the skin
  • The gel doesn’t leave stains on the clothes and underwear, not fat
  • It’s without preservatives and flavors
  • skin breathe, does not clog pores
  • without a pronounced odor
  • tanning improves the color
  • easy-to-application
  • it’s with moisturizing effect
  • sunscreen gel VOM is created by technology of the generating (reducing) VOM gel with antimicrobial activity.

Using: put  before going out in the sun. Repeat application as needed: after swimming, sweating, toweling.

Recommending price: spf 10, 20 – 564 rubles.    spf 30, 40 – 588 rubles.     spf 50 – 607 rubles




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