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Gel VOM tetraferon


You can forget about the Herpes!

This remedy prevents from the emergence and exacerbation. It functions on mucous and intimate zones. Vom tetraferon has a great regenerative effect, soothes your skin, if you have the itch or exanthema.

It is recommended for diseases with neurological, infectious and allergic nature.


1. it prevents from the emergence of herpes, reduces inflammation of the lips after permanent makeup;

2. it prevents the emergence and the exacerbation of exanthema on mucous membrane;

3. it soothes the skin with allergic and neurological itching;

4. recommended for dermatitis and exanthema;

5. it removes processes of inflammation;

6. it has high biological, anti-inflammatory and antiallergic activity;

7. there are no contraindications for using

Using: Put a small amount of gel on a place of burning or tingling as soon as the symptoms appear. Use the remedy several times a day as needed. You will have a better result when using regularly.

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