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Forgery detected on a solution for eyelashes Platinus and hair Platinus V.
Information about cancer
There is a lot of information about cancer treatment abroad, technologies as you see, are not claimed by "official medicine", in many countries you will not even open these articles and will not find them. A question "why"?!


 The Future of cosmeceuticalsand medicine has come.

The "BioChim Expo" company is working on the development and implementation of new unique technologies in the pharmacological and cosmeceutical sector.

We devote ourselves to developing new and progressive methods!

One of the new developments of BioChimExpo is the bio-coordinator which improves the response of the immune system. It is called ‘Gel Vom’ which has Tetraferon as a main ingredient. Tetraferon increases the capacities of the immune system.

We recommend you to use Gel Vom with Tetraferon if you have herpes, dermatitis or eczema very often.
Generating Gel Vom – 30 in 1! This Gel was made especially for moisturizing the skin. It also has a cicatrizing (healing) effect. This is an absolutely unique development which can be applied to a variety of skin problems. The results surpass expectations. Press here to watch the video.
The solution or hair growth “Platinus V” was made to make hair follicles stronger and to help them grow faster. It is useful for dry hair with split ends. Press here to watch the video.
The mask for hair growth “Platinus V” is very good for you if you wash your hair daily. The deep cleansing effect of the mask will save your hair from fat and dirtiness. We advise you to use Platinus V mask as a solution for all types scalp problems.
The growth solution for eyelashes and eyebrows increases the speed of the hair growth by 30 % and increases the volume by50%. It is possible to make your eyelashes bushier and longer within just 4 weeks.

Anti-aging gel VOM with chaperones
for the skin around the eyes, is a new solution to remove wrinkles and expression lines. It is useful for hardware cosmetology. The heat shock proteins (the chaperones itself) can protect the skin around the eyes, face and neck for a longer period of time. A client will see the results after the first procedure. To read reviews press here. To watch the video press here.

The sun protection skin gel VOM
is a good solution for both vacation and daily use during summer. This gel is not fat, which makes it special in comparison to other SPF creams. It is very useful for the skin after buffing, sensitive skin and for skin with a tendency to get lentigines (skin pigmentation). As after-sun protection you can use Gel Vom. This complex can safely protect even the most sensitive skin.

Face and body scrub-mask Platinus
is a natural biocomplex. We recommend to use both at spa & wellness-centers and for use at home. The scrub-mask can simply clean blackheads on your face. Moreover, you can use it for removing calluses.
The main concept of BioChimExpo is focused on the development of effective and natural tools for people.
For extra information about our research and certificates press here. All other products are under certification now.
The BioChimExpo and charity fund "Healthy children all over planet" work side by side with other companies to help children. The sponsor support of one company is an investment in the fight with children’s diseases. We hope that other companies will follow us. Charity and sponsor support is not just a word; it is the breath of life for children from poor families.

The BioChimExpo and charity fund "Healthy children all over planet" constantly provide help to families with many children, to pregnant women and students.
We are members of the "a beautiful mind" club (a reference to the popular game in Russia - "What? Where? When?") and other clubs which support health and development of Russian people.
You can read more about our news and activities on this website.
We have a big ambition to create a large chain of dealerships throughout Russia, the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) and other countries abroad.We are trying our best to help academic specialists to register their genius ideas.

Our workings out, energy, actions
coincide with your aspiration to live!

Company “BioChimExpo” is engaged in working out and introduction of unique technologies in medicine. It helps talented scientists with registration and advancement of their ingenious inventions. One of such workings out is the preparation "Platinus" Р – the biocoordinator of the immune system reaction, it is a progressive method of treatment of oncologic diseases. Also “BioChimExpo” offers a series of generating gels from dermal oncologic diseases, gel from combustions (including solar ones), gel from purulent, avulsive wounds and an agent from a hair fall.

We are for new and effective methods of treatment!

In 1995 in Russia it has been fixed 1,75 million oncologic patients, and in 2005 their number has reached 2,3 million people. Annually in Russia the cancer carries away lives of more than 300 thousand people. Today treatment of oncologic diseases assumes traditional methods, such as hormonal preparations, an irradiation and the chemotherapy, having too much negative by-effects.

One of the reasons of occurrence of oncology – the hormonal failure which reasons are studied till now. To show up disease at early stages allows the modern diagnostic method – PEТ (a positron-emission tomography), in many respects surpassing and allowing to diagnose more precisely, than МRТ and US. As in most cases disease proceeds without serious consequences patients address to the doctor already in the advanced stage, so, for example, at a prostate cancer, patients go on examination only when there are problems with a potency.

One of widespread methods of diagnostics of cancer diseases – a biopsy in which result character of a tumor is defined, thus frequently tumor growth starts to progress, causing occurrence of metastasis. Unfortunately, doctors cannot offer other methods yet.

For today there is a large quantity of versions of a cancer, here is an insignificant part from them: a sarcoma, a pancreas cancer, a cancer of a colonic intestine, a cancer of testicles, a larynx cancer, a cancer of vocal chords, a colon cancer, a cancer of a neck of a uterus, a skin cancer, a melanoma, a cancer of lungs, a carcinoma of the stomach, a bladder cancer, an esophagus cancer, a labium cancer, a cheek cancer, a tongue cancer, a rectum cancer, a leukemia, a prostate cancer, a liver cancer, an adenoma, a cancer of a mammary gland, an intestine tumor, a kidney cancer, hemoblastoses and leukoses, brain tumors, an acute leukosis and so on.

Scientists rack for a long time their brains over a problem of cancer treatment, studying symptoms and tumor histology, surveying oncomarkers and tumomarkers. The list of agents which people use to treat themselves, without hoping for traditional medicine, every year grows: b17, tsis-dihlordiaminplatinid, zoladex and kanglaite, a preparation ukrain and a preparation olexin, platinum preparations, grasses "Zhivitsy" and "Boligolov", todikamp, doxorubicinum, and also other hormonal preparations and hormonal tablets. Efficiency of antitumoral medicines and grasses disputable, many of them, on responses of experts, give very high toxicity in which the function of kidneys, a marrow and a gastroenteric tract is broken.

The preparation "Platinus" Р – the biocoordinator of the immune system reaction is a serious step to improvement of efficiency of treatment and preventive maintenance of oncologic diseases. The preparation works at genetic level that is break in medicine. At all its efficiency the preparation «Platinus Р» is harmless, behind it is the major future!!>

In the economically developed countries of the world the mortality of children as a result of malignant neoplasms left on the second place after a mortality from accidents. In the USA one of 330 Americans aged till 20 years is ill. In Russia the number of ill children for last decade was enlarged by 20 %, and on 100 discovered diseases - 10 advanced. And these are the children for whom we should struggle because they can be rescued!

Company «BioChimExpo» and Charitable fund «Healthy children on our planet» closely cooperate in rendering assistance to children. The sponsor's help within the limits of one company is a small contribution to struggle against oncologic children's diseases. We hope that to our example other commercial companies will follow, after all mercy, the charitable help are not big words, and vital necessity for the kiddies which parents can't pay expensive operations, diagnostics and after treatment.

Our experts form groups on rendering of the psychological help for all needies, and also give after treatment to sick children during treatment and during the subsequent period. In plans of the company there is the organization of meetings for people with oncologic diseases which could communicate, exchange treatment experience. The idea of creation of groups consists in the psychological help and information interchange with those who has faced such illness, as a cancer. For patients from other regions dialogue will be conducted in a regimen online through skype.

There is already a lot of those who has recovered from a cancer, applying the preparation "Platinus Р», not only in Russia, but also in Canada, France, Israel.

In plans of the company “BioChimExpo” there is the development of a dealer network, both in regions of the Russian Federation, and in the CIS countries and the far abroad.

Let's help each other with the world scale trouble!
We don't give promises, we treat! We rescue from a cancer!

Company “BioChimExpo” is ready to cooperate with various experts to whom introduction of new technologies in medicine is interesting. We are ready to participate in medical forums and to contact to the medical organizations, oncologists and the doctors dealing with the given problems.

Company “BioChimExpo” is assured that by common efforts it is much easier to cope with the serious illnesses, rendering the timely help.

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