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Information about cancer
There is a lot of information about cancer treatment abroad, technologies as you see, are not claimed by "official medicine", in many countries you will not even open these articles and will not find them. A question "why"?!

At first hand

лечение рака простаты, карцинома

I am Sergey, 60 years old, I live in Canada (its French part), province Quebec. The diagnosis have been recognized in September, 2008, under the blood analysis the prostate cancer 3B has been discovered, the indicator of the PSA (Prostatic Specific Antigen) showed 21 according to norm up to 4. In April 2010 I have started to use "Platinus Р». A month later all symptoms have gone, I began to sleep normally, palpitation was normalized, there appeared energy in the body.

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It is the time when I decided to tell you my story. In the beginning of January, 2010 I was diagnosed a cancer of «a female part» - carcinoma, a tumor 8x10 cm. Oncomarkers in blood were 4000. Since July, 6th 2010 I have started to prick the preparation "Platinus P", having refused chemotherapy and other medicines. I HAVE NO TUMOR!

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I have cured the cancer of a testicle of the 2nd stage, by the Russian preparation “Platinus”. The tumor was palpated, there were pains. In my joy I have destroyed all analyses, married and now everything at me is just excellent! Thanks to everybody. Platinus – the strongest and harmless.

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breast cancer

In March my sister has got the diagnose – a breast cancer. I bought the preparation “Platinus” and gave it to my sister, she was very happy. After the second injection the pain in breast was gone!!

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Irina Aleksandrovna, 1963 year of birth, from St.-Petersburg, has addressed to doctors in 2008, after her examination a tumor has been found out on her ovary (see Echography 17.04.09) , she has refused chemotherapy and has begun the intensive monthly course of "Platinus Р". In one and a half month the tumor has completely disappeared which is confirmed by US (Ultrasound) and the conclusion of the doctor.

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рак простаты

My acquaintance’s father has cured a prostate cancer of the 4 stages using the preparation “Platinus”. He hardly could get up, so to speak "at death’s door", has started to prick the preparation at first every day, then every other day. Now he has recovered, and even had his hair grown back.

опухоли в груди

Elena Anufrievna Djagiljava, 58 years old, Cherepovets. The treatment had been conducted in 2004. She had had 2 operations on an oncotomy in her breast, 5 chemotherapies, nothing helped. The state of health constantly worsened, tumors grew again, after taking of “Platinus” there was no a single trace from the tumors in her breast. In half a year oncomarkers have been back to normal, I began to feel well. Thanks my niece who has brought the medicine “Platinus”! Unfortunately no one of the doctors has taken an interest in the given precedent.

I am from St.-Petersburg, there was a tumor in my breast, so I went on examination to the Scientific Research Institute b.n. Petrov. There I was diagnosed - breast tumor, I do not remember exactly its medical name, the size was about 1,5 centimeters. A friend suggested to try nonoperable treatment, I lost nothing, thus there was a possibility to avoid the operation and perhaps the subsequent chemotherapy and irradiation. Certainly I agreed and bought the preparation "Platinus Р» and began to prick injections.

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The artist, from Canada, 63 years old, a prostate cancer of the 5th stage with metastases on a backbone and a pelvis. I started taking injections of the preparation “Platinus” even in a lying condition, could not get up at all. I have already taken 45 injections, I did them daily, and there was a vivacity, energy, began walking and went cycling.

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